Caramel Sauce from a Can? What Sorcery is This?!

When I saw’s Facebook post earlier this week explaining how to make caramel sauce by boiling an unopened can of sweetened condensed milk in a pot of water for two and a half hours, I was intrigued. Well, intrigued and hungry. I love caramel!'s Facebook post that started this whole story.’s Facebook post that started this whole story.

Our Facebook fans pointed out that my caramel sauce would likely end up chock full of BPA – a very real concern. But I wanted to try this so badly! I figured… just once.

Here are the instructions I followed (courtesy of the Facebook post, and verified by several fans:

No Work Caramel Sauce


One can sweetened condensed milk, label peeled off


  • Place can in pot of boiling water, ensuring can is completely submerged. Use a large pot, full enough that it can boil for two and a half hours without boiling dry, and with enough water that the can will stay completely submerged for the same.
  • Boil for 2.5 hours. Check periodically to ensure can is completely submerged.
  • Remove from water and allow to cool completely. This will likely take a few hours.
  • When you open the can, you’ve got dulce de leche!

We ate ours with Granny Smith apple wedges.

Our bedtime snack (I hadn't factored in cooling time) of apples and dulce de leche.
Our bedtime snack (I hadn’t factored in cooling time) of apples and dulce de leche.

Now, our good friend Jen does this often, but without the added chemicals leaching from the can’s lining. Here’s how. Keep in mind we’ve yet to try this, but we do trust Jen!

Almost No Work Caramel Sauce


Sweetened condensed milk (you can open the can)


  • Divide the sweetened condensed milk into canning jars (small ones if you’d like to resist eating it all at once when it’s done). Secure lids. Place jars on top of a tea towel in the bottom of a tall crockpot. Fill with water and heat overnight on low.
  • In the morning, turn off crock pot. Allow to cool completely.
  • Same result as the other recipe!

This is amazing. Dare I say… life changing? Did I mention I love caramel?

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