Guest Post: Liquid Sunshine (with recipe)

When our friend Angela (check out her blog at described her Liquid Sunshine recipe to us, it sounded so delicious (and full of magical whole-food properties) that we asked her to write a guest post for our blog, so that we could share it with all of you, too! Here’s what Ange had to say. Enjoy!

I am so thrilled to be doing a guest post for Lindsay and Nicole. I love their on-line store and I have purchased some different lids and straws which have gotten a ton of use this summer. The kids fight over them, they are so well loved.

This spring I discovered a beautiful shop called The Light Cellar which is located in Bowness, Calgary. They have a wonderful selection of herbs, health and super foods, as well as what they call an “Elixir Bar”. This thing is magic. You can order truly scrumptious hot and cold drinks that are just busting with goodness for body and soul. It’s really a gift that we have this place in our city.

Anyways, I like to try to replicate the drinks at home. They sell the ingredients right there and I do my best to mix up my own elixirs for my family.

The cold drink that we really love I have re-named “Liquid Sunshine”. It is called “Solar Charge” at the Light Cellar, and I highly recommend you go try the real thing if you are in Calgary.

I make a big batch of this drink and then store it in cute, small mason jars. The kids like that they are a similar size to store-bought drink-boxes and we throw a couple in the picnic basket when we rush off to this or that. I can also put them in lunches which is a bonus. If I also throw in a couple reusable mason jar drinking lids the kids can drink them in the car, or switch out the lids and sip them at the park or on the go.

I get all the ingredients at the Light Cellar. I did a little editing and had to estimate the proportions. I also added “Amazonian Jungle Tea” as a base, which is a lovely tea to just have in your house. I love it on its own, hot or cold. Because it is a “stick” tea, you need to simmer it for 15 minutes, which means it’s easiest (for me) to make a big batch and store it concentrated in the fridge and then add hot/cold water as needed.

Sea Buckthorn is one of those super foods that is high in Vitamin C and so many other wonderful things that are hard to find elsewhere. Camu Camu is a fruit from South America that is ridiculously high in vitamin C. The flavor is sort of bitter so use a little at a time. It’s also great for smoothies.

Liquid Sunshine. Sunshine in jars!
Liquid Sunshine. Sunshine in jars!

Ingredients: (again, I rarely measure and just sort of plop ingredients in and then taste it and adjust…)

⅓ cup Sea Buckthorn Puree
1.5 T Camu Camu Powder
6 cups cooled Amazonian Jungle tea (must be cooled or it will affect the Sea Buckthorn flavor)
6-8 drops Orange essential oil
6-8 drops Tangerine essential oil
Honey to taste (dissolved in hot water and then cooled again)

To make this, I usually boil a little water to dissolve the honey because it mixes better. Also, the Camu Camu does not really dissolve so I really mix it in, or put a bit in the Vitamix and blend it. You really have to cool the honey/hot water because the Sea Buckthorn tastes rancid if it gets warm at all. This is also true of the puree and the juice. It’s lovely when it’s cool, but be sure to keep it in the fridge. That said, I do take it in the picnic basket and as long as we drink it in a few hours before it gets warm it’s always fine.


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