Bring It On, Zombie Apocalypse! (About Lindsay)

I’m only slightly embarrassed to admit that this all started with an intense interest in the apocalypse. A lifelong love of mysteries had led me to books about 2012, which led me to books about peak oil, which introduced me to permaculture and topics like peak soil, the plight of the bees, the state of the economy (this was before the 2008 crash), and on and on. Ever the pragmatist, I accepted that while the poles were likely not going to flip, and we have only a small chance of being buried in ash from a volcanic eruption in Yellowstone, it’s only prudent to be prepared for any eventuality. And thus, a prepper was born.

I do like to joke about the zombie apocalypse, and I feel our world is changing fast in many ways, but rest assured – I’ve got a good head on my shoulders. After about five years of preparing for whatever may come, I’ve learned that preparedness (food storage, financial preparedness, carrying a first aid kit in the car, and knowing how to react in emergency situations) can reduce life stress in general.

Canning and preserving is a great example. My plunge into canning came about as a natural melding of several interests – prepping, of course, but also foraging local wild edibles, learning drying skills, and cooking/food. I have loved learning the skills involved in canning and preserving, but I have also discovered just how nice it is to have shelves and shelves full of home-canned, healthy foods in the basement. During times of financial stress, illness, or when I’m just too lazy to run to the store, being able to walk downstairs and choose a jar as the base of our dinner or snack is comforting, to say the least.

Assorted jars in the basement.
Assorted jars in the basement.

Now that I’ve been canning for a few years, I couldn’t stop if I wanted to. In fact, when for some reason the summer of 2013 proved very overwhelming for me and I was tempted to can hardly anything, my husband begged me to still can tomatoes and salsa – he couldn’t go back to store bought, he said. Indeed, now that we have become accustomed to our favourite home recipes, we’d be hard-pressed to find anything comparable in a store.

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